FEPO 001
HELP Moonswatch in Space

The first MoonSwatch in space.
960 unique NFTs available, one wins the watch.

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One MoonSwatch. From space. 960 chances to win.

When you cannot buy the most hyped watch of the year, where do you go? We couldn’t find one on Earth, but we found one in space!

Your mission, for a chance to win the first MoonSwatch in Space:

  1. 1. Connect your wallet
  2. 2. Mint a piece of the journey
  3. 3. Wait for landing (1st March 2023)

Property of FEPO
This project has no affiliation with Swatch Ltd or Omega Ltd


Own a piece of the journey...

(example NFTs)
  • PRICE:
  • QTY: 960
  • FORMAT: 1080 x 1080 MP4
  • DURATION: 5 seconds

...for a chance to win a 1/1 MoonSwatch

1/1 MoonSwatch
  • QTY: 1

20% of all proceeds will be donated to
Make-a-Wish Foundation, UK


What is this?

We sent a MoonSwatch into space — 33,800m above Earth to be precise — because hey, when you cannot buy the most hyped watch of the year, where else do you go!

We recorded the MoonSwatch’s maiden space flight. We’re slicing the footage of the watch’s glorious descent to Earth into 960 video clips and turning these into NFTs, allowing you to own a piece of history. Each unique NFT will have a 5-second video clip, overlaid with metrics such as speed, atmospheric pressure and temperature, related to your unique NFT.

You will not know which piece of the journey you own after you “mint”. Each unique NFT will be randomly allocated and revealed upon the MoonSwatch “landing” date (1st March 2023). Before “landing” you will see your NFT on OpenSea (an NFT Marketplace) with a temporary holding image. Permanently yours — before and after “landing” — until you decide otherwise, you can gift or sell your NFT(s) any time you’d like.

Upon “landing”, one of the 960 NFTs will be selected at random to win the only MoonSwatch to have gone to space.

How do I win it?

You need a digital-wallet with enough ETH to mint an NFT ( / ). If your NFT is randomly chosen on “landing”, you’ll win the watch.

We’d recommend MetaMask as a universally known and trusted digital wallet. You can learn more about how to set up a MetaMask Wallet here.

When does the MoonSwatch land?

“Landing” is set for 1st March 2023. If we sell-out earlier than this, we may bring forward the reveal. Everyone’s placeholder NFT will be replaced with their unique NFT at this time too, including the winner of the MoonSwatch from Space.

What happens next?

That’s up to you! Permanently yours until you decide otherwise. Sell your NFT(s), give them away, collect more, piece the space flight journey together, experiment. If you do keep your NFT you’ll forever be a founding member of FEPO and we plan to back with another project soon.

What is FEPO?

For Exhibition Purposes Only (FEPO) is a collective of watch lovers. We wanted to experiment with new technology, test ourselves, have fun and bring some wonder to watch ownership. With some luck and if the community wants us to, we’ll be back for FEPO 002 soon.

Why NFTs?

For us, running a regular raffle to win the first MoonSwatch in Space felt anticlimactic. We want people to own a part of the journey and allow us to build a community around something that was even bigger than the idea.

And so why NFTs? Well, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a digital asset stored on the blockchain in form of a token that is unique and cannot be replaced by another. In our case, this means the digital will live on the blockchain forever and the project will always be the first MoonSwatch in Space.

Technical Glossary

How do I get a wallet?

There are many reputable digital wallets but we recommend MetaMask as a well established, safe and secure Ethereum wallet. Install the Chrome extension or download and start the mobile app.

Torus is also an innovative digital wallet that allows you to login with “1-click” setup using your social login credentials (Gmail, Facebook etc). Here is a video tutorial to set up Torus.

How do I buy ETH?

To create an NFT you have to pay a small transaction fee called “gas“ to the Ethereum Network. You can deposit directly into your wallet or buy small amounts of ETH using popular exchanges such as Bitpanda and Gemini or services such as MoonPay. Normally, 0.005 ETH of gas per transaction is sufficient, but gas can change depending on the load on the network. See the current gas prices here.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset stored on the blockchain in the form of a token that is unique and cannot be replaced by another. In our case, this means digital art in the form of movie edits and collectibles.

What does “mint” mean?

Minting is simply the process of creating an NFT. Similar to the creation of a physical money coin, it has to be minted first in order for it to be used later. By minting your token, you create an entirely unique digital asset on the blockchain, authenticating it in the process. This securely enables your token to be safely stored and converts your art into an NFT.

What is a wallet?

Your wallet is seen as a type of safe for your cryptocurrency assets and NFTs. Each wallet comes with a unique address that is used during transactions and can NEVER be changed. For reasons of security, all wallet holders will receive a secret seed phrase that grants them sole access to their own crypto assets. Please do not share or lose your secret seed phrase!